Centrifugal compressor maintenance

Release time:2023-07-24    Click:189

The repairman of the after-sales service department of Turbo-tech compressor has the technical level in the air compressor industry, reasonable maintenance prices, and the ability to solve various air compressor faults.

Turbo-tech service team answers your phone calls 24 hours a day, equipped with dedicated after-sales service vehicles to ensure the timely handling of your equipment.

Turbo-tech specializes in the terminal maintenance and overhaul of centrifugal compressors, and we have stable and mature technical processes to provide strong maintenance support for compressor users. If you have a compressor that needs maintenance, we can help you with it. Please contact us at 400-8861856!

Repair a certain brand of impeller


Major repair of a certain brand gearbox, replacement of bearings, large gears, and high-speed shafts


Maintenance service for a certain brand of centrifuge unit