• >>Centrifugal compressor
  • Flow range: 1200~480000Nm3/h, pressure range: 0.06~12.0 MPa (G), compressed medium: air, nitrogen, etc;
  • >>Centrifugal gas compressor
  • Flow range: 1200~480000Nm3/h, pressure range: 0.25~40.0 MPa (G), compressed medium: various process gases;
  • >>Single stage high-speed centrifugal fan
  • CF fan/RF process fan and circulating fan, compressed medium: air, nitrogen, various process gases;


Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing customers with solutions for centrifugal air compressors, single stage high-speed centrifugal fans, process gas compressors, and overall air compression systems. The company has an experienced team of technical research and development, production and after-sales service, designing and developing Turbo-Tech series centrifugal air compressors, Turbo-Tech centrifugal fans, Turbo-Tech process gas compressors, and other products. The products have passed the Chin...

Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd

Enterprise vision


Mn (H) series centrifugal compressor

At present, the single unit exhaust pressure of the Turbo-tech Mn (H) series can reach 12MPa···

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Ti series centrifugal air compressor

Relying on continuous research and development and accumulated experience in unit operation

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CF single stage high-speed centrifugal fan

To meet the needs of various industries, Turbo-tech has launched a single stage high-speed c···

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RF process fan and circulating fan

Turbo-tech has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of single stage high-speed ce···

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Ra series process gas compressors

Turbo-tech Ra series compression media: various process gases such as

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Ni series steam compressor

Flow rate: 300T/h;Pressure ratio: 8.0;Maximum temperature rise: 60 ℃

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