Equipment matching capability of Turbo-tech centrifugal process compressors in the coal chemical industry

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  Nowadays,Centrifugal process compressors are widely used,It is a key equipment in industries such as coal chemical industry.The application of centrifugal process compressors has greatly promoted the development of the coal chemical industry,Further improve the overall efficiency of coal chemical production.With the increasing demand for centrifugal process compressors,At the same time, higher requirements have been put forward for process compressor technology.

  Due to the fact that most coal chemical production facilities operate continuously under conditions such as flammability, explosiveness, corrosion, and toxicity,Therefore, the centrifugal process compressor unit must achieve good overall performance,High efficiency, compact structure, small footprint, stable and reliable operation, and long-term operation,And it can meet the needs of various working conditions.

  Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co.,Ltd launching centrifugal process compressors,The overall mechanical performance of the unit is excellent, the on-site operation is stable and reliable, and it is energy-saving and efficient,Achieved long-term, full load operation,The technology level of imported units is about to enter a state of simultaneous competition from a catching up state.At present, Turbo-Tech centrifugal process compressors are widely used in industries such as coal chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, and carbon dioxide capture,Received unanimous praise from domestic and foreign users.

  TURBO-TECH centrifugal process compressor is equipped with the following supporting capabilities in the coal chemical industry:

  * Feed gas compressor

  * Refrigerating compressor

  * Circulating gas compressor

  * Syngas compressor

  * Raw coal gas compressor

  * Desorbed gas compressor

  * Steam compressor

  * Carbon dioxide compressor

  The above content is an introduction to the equipment matching ability of Turbo-tech centrifugal process compressors in the coal chemical industry,Turbo- tech process compressor products are not only used in the coal chemical industry,There are also good development prospects in the petroleum refining industry and the petroleum (natural gas) industry.We will adopt specialized design, personalized design, and manufacturing based on production process parameters,If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 400-8861856.