The Application of Turob-tech Centrifugal Compressor in CCS

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In response to climate change such as global warming, countries are actively responding to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Carbon capture and storage is a mature and effective means of controlling CO2 emissions. The centrifugal compressor launched by Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd.With its unique advantages, it is increasingly being applied in carbon capture and storage projects. Let's learn about the Turbo-Tech centrifugal compressor together.

Introduction to Turbo-Tech Centrifugal Compressor

The editor of Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co., Ltd. pointed out that,Multi shaft centrifugal compressor, also known as integral gear compressor.Several small gears are distributed around the large gears.Each pinion is equipped with two impellers.Each gear shaft can achieve different combinations of speed and impeller size.Performance adjustment can be achieved by designing inlet guide vanes.Install interstage cooling at the outlet of each stage to cool the compressed medium, in order to save energy consumption.

Advantages of Turbo-Tech Centrifugal Compressor in CO2 Application

1、 Optimal speed design

Compared to a single stage compressor, the speed of each stage of a centrifugal compressor can be matched with its dynamic speed.In centrifugal compressors, at most two stages located on the same pinion shaft operate at the same speed.The other stages operate at different optimal speeds, which results in fewer stages and higher efficiency for the overall centrifugal compressor.

2、 Higher efficiency

The advantage of centrifugal compressors lies in their high efficiency:

1. Each stage of the impeller adopts axial intake, with uniform flow state, which helps to improve efficiency.

2. Each stage of the impeller can operate at the optimal speed, and the impeller size and speed can achieve the best match, ensuring the high efficiency of each stage of the impeller.

3、 Economic and energy-saving

Centrifugal compressors have piping at the inlet and outlet of each stage, making it possible to achieve inter stage cooling between each stage, while single shaft centrifugal compressors are difficult to achieve. After configuring interstage cooling, the gas compression process is closer to isothermal compression, achieving low energy consumption.

Compared to single shaft centrifugal compressors, centrifugal compressors have fewer advanced efficiency levels and a higher degree of modularization. The main engine, lubricating oil system, and cooler can be installed on the same base, occupying a small area, and reducing civil engineering foundation and installation costs, saving investment;

Centrifugal compressors also have the characteristic of easy disassembly. As long as the cover plate on the bearing box is opened, the seals, bearings, and gears can be inspected or repaired, resulting in lower maintenance costs in long-term operation.

Typical applications of Turbo-Tech centrifugal compressors include: compressed air in factories, air separation plants, urea plants, LNG receiving stations, Boil Off Gas compression, gas compression, offshore platform evaporation gas recovery, and CO2 compression. They can also be applied to extreme working conditions such as high pressure and high temperature.

In recent years, the application of Turbo-Tech centrifugal compressors in CCS has become increasingly widespread and has received more and more attention. Compared to reciprocating compressors and single shaft centrifugal compressors, centrifugal compressors have higher efficiency, save investment and energy consumption, and flexible performance adjustment, making them suitable for CO2 compression and injection. They have been successfully applied to multiple CCS projects.