Turbo-tech 5-stage centrifugal compressor, serving the national "two machine" special project

Release time:2023-07-24    Click:168

In 2016, under the guidance of President Xi Jinping, with the establishment of China Aviation Development Group as a symbol, the national major special project - the "Two Aircraft" special project was officially implemented. The "Two Aircraft" project is mainly aimed at solving the bottleneck problem of aviation jet engines and heavy-duty gas turbines, which has benefited the replacement of the J-20 in recent years. If aviation and re ignition are the crowns of industrial manufacturing, then the large centrifugal compressors used for wind tunnel testing of two engines are the "true fire" for refining the crown! Turbo-tech provides a 5-stage compression and 10000 kilowatt centrifugal compressor for the national "Two Engines" special project of Dongqi Group - G50 project (50MW heavy ignition project) for wind tunnel testing of its high-temperature components.


Thanks to more than 10 years of research and development accumulation, Turbo-tech has been fully developed and designed to undertake this project, and a systematic model design has been carried out. This model can currently achieve 6-stage compression, with a maximum output pressure of 12MPa, a pressure ratio of 105, and a single unit power of 38MW. This model is not only used for wind tunnel testing, but also widely used for compressed air energy storage and liquefied air energy storage.

Turbo-tech compressor has been operating steadily for over 6 months in the G50 project site, making a small contribution to the national "two machine" special project.