Provide customers with final solutions for energy-saving transformation
Thanks to the adherence to scientific and technological innovation, and R&D in core technologies, the products of Turbo-Tech are comparable to internationally famous brands. Therefore, it has formed a series of products including centrifugal air compressors, centrifugal fans, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and so on, which are widely applied in more than 20 industries such as textile, food fermentation, electronics, medicine, air separation, etc. In addition, it also provides services for more than 600 clients.
  • Regional service agencies
    Covering over 90 cities
  • More than 100 agencies globally
    Certified agent and distributor
  • Providing services for over 600 enterprises
    Tens of thousands of machines are operating throughout the world
    Centrifugal air compressor Video
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