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Turbo-Tech company adheres to scientific and technological innovation, research and development of core technology, product performance stability! Form centrifugal air compressor, Process gas compressor,centrifugal fan,screw compressor, reciprocating compressor and other products! Widely used in air separation, electronic semiconductor, medicine, textile and chemical fiber, food fermentation and other industries.

Centrifugal Compressor

Our centrifugal compressor covers a wide range of flow from 1200 to 360000 Nm³ /h, pressure from 0.6 to 120bar. The product has passed the zero level oil-free standard of TUV certification, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, and low operation cost. Products are widely used in air separation, electronic semiconductor, medicine, textile chemical fiber, food fermentation, steel and many other fields.

Process gas compressor

Process gas compressor is often used in special gas, petrochemical industry, drilling, metallurgy and other industries. It is also commonly used in the compression of oxygen, hydrogen, ammonia, natural gas, coke oven gas, inert gas and other media.

Single stage high speed centrifugal blower

The single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan is designed based on the three-dimensional flow theory, which is more in line with the flow law of the fluid. The efficiency of the impeller is greatly improved compared with the two-dimensional flow impeller widely used by the multi-stage low-speed centrifugal blower at present. The single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan adopts axial air intake and is equipped with an air intake pre rotation device in the front of the impeller, which reduces the air intake loss

Screw air compressor

Screw air compressor is a single-stage oil injection double screw compressor, which is divided into single screw air compressor and double screw air compressor.

Turbo-Tech Compressor

Turbo-Tech Compressor Wuxi Co.,Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturer in China, which is engaged in R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of centrifugal air compressor, Process gas compressor,single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan and screw air compressor! The production base is located in Wuxi high tech Development Zone!