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Screw compressor

  Turbo-Tech Screw Compressor is characterized by better structure and more excellent performance as well as the obvious energy-saving and cost-reduction. As proven through the test by the National Compressor Test Center, its energy consumption data is superior than the national energy-saving standards, and there are a wide range of series available for users’ choice, which ranges from 5.5kW to 480kW, and the multiple models and categories of air-cooled and water-cooled screw air compressors with flow range from 0.5m3/min to 75m3/min. In addition, it also provides the permanent magnetic inverter air compressor, oil-free machine and mobile air compressors, etc., as well as a full set of construction programs for the air compressor station. Moreover, it is capable of providing the whole set service items such as the design and manufacturing, user training, service support, main engine overhaul and so on.

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